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José Balmes. Cataluña, Spain, 1927- Chile 2016. National Award of Arts, 1999. He arrived in Chile in September 1939 aboard the Winnipeg, where, under the initiative of Neruda, 2000 political refugees of the Spanish Civil War entered the country. 

Between 1950 and 1973 he was a professor of painting at the Art department of the University of Chile – chair between 1966-1972–, and dean of the School of Arts between 1972-1973. 

In 1973 he went on exile in Paris with his family, the also painter Gracia Barrios and their daughter Concepción. 

Between 1974 and 1985 he was an associate professor of painting at the Unité de Formation et de Recherche Arts Plastiques et Sciences de l’Art de l’Université Paris I Pantheon, The Sorbonne, France. 

Upon his return to Chile in 1986 he became a professor at the School of Art of the Catholic University in Santiago. 

His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Greece and the United States.

Gracia Barrios. Santiago, 1927-2020. National Award of Arts 2011. She lived in exile in Paris with her husband the Chilean painter José Balmes and their daughter from 1973 to 1985. From 1986 to1993 she was hired as visiting professor in the School of Art of the Catholic University in Santiago, and from 1994 on as professor of drawing at the Finis Terrae University. 

Her works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Chile, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Venezuela and Cuba.

Guillermo Núñez. Santiago, 1930. National Award of Arts 2007. In 1971, during Salvador Allende’s government, he was appointed Director of the Contemporary Art Museum in Santiago where he created “The People’s Artist Award”. 

In 1975 we was detained and sent to camp in the north of Chile and later on expelled from the country. Upon his arrival in France he settled down in Bobigny, in the outskirts of Paris, where he lived and worked until 1987 when he was authorized to return to his country. 

His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Chile, Panama, France, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States.

Eduardo Berroeta. Santiago, 1946 – Paris 1990.  Since 1972 he lived and developed his artistic career in Paris where he arrived on a scholarship from the French Government to study stained glass at l’École d’Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He also studied upholstery and mural painting.

Alejandro Marcos. Salamanca, Spain, 1937. In 1949 he migrated to Argentina with his family. Since 1963 he lives and works in Paris. 

His works have been exhibited in Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland), Argentina and Canada.

Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Nice, France, 1942. He is a Fluxus and Situationist artist, one of the initiators of the urban art movement in France in 1966. Pignon-Ernest's posters can be found in the collection of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Jack Ottaviano. Vichy, France, 1924-1988. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and at the École des arts décoratifs in Paris. In 1952 he was awarded the Prix Fénéon, awarded annually to a French-language writer and a visual artist. 

His works have been exhibited in Paris, New York, Washington, DC.

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